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Ken Kernen

Founder and President

I have been fortunate to be able to help those in need for many years, even before my first trip to Kenya in 2012. Much of what I hold dear came from my upbringing, including my Christian background while growing up in Franklin, WI, where I live to this day. But the basis for my compassion for children everywhere has been heavily influenced by my wife Susan of 38 years. She has a special kind of love that emanates from her and is evident in our three sons as they make their way through life. I also serve as a board member at Eastcastle Place, one of the most esteemed senior living centers in Milwaukee along with holding various church leadership roles. Along with my role at Quad Graphics in Sussex, WI., I’ve been a teacher at the University of Phoenix and love education, which is one of the reasons why we include it in some of our initiatives.

I stay active in God’s world, helping where I can and listening to Him when I must. It was His voice that led Susan and I to form our foundation. It’s a story I’ve told several hundred times at least and that’s when the passion I have to help children is most evident. When I remember why we started this in the first place.

Susan Kernen

Co-Founder and Secretary 

I was born and raised in a small town in Upper Michigan. I had wonderful parents who instilled Christian values and beliefs that I in turn have passed on to my family. The act of giving and never wanting to receive is one of the traits that I hold true to my heart and have lived by my entire life.  So it was natural for my husband and I as we returned from our trip to Kenya in 2014, to form a vision to help the children who live there.  The rewards that we have benefited from are far more vast than one could imagine and we keep this in mind as we do God’s work.

Moving forward, I hope to be able to do more for these children.  We have been blessed in life having three fantastic young men as our sons, so we would like to give back.  Soon we will be grandparents of identical twin girls, a true gift from God!

Don Dorsan


Owner of Pointe Association Management, a condominium and homeowners association 

management company, Pointe provides bookkeeping and management services.   Prior to founding Pointe Association Management, Don  retired from Quad/Graphics a global commercial printer for 20 years. where he was a Purchasing Manager responsible for supply chain management for Indirect Materials Group. Don has had a long history of community service, including a term as a City of Franklin Alderman and service on a variety of community organizations . Don previously served as Treasurer of the Milwaukee Area Land Conservancy, an organization dedicated to the protection and conservation of land and water resources. Don became involved in the Caring Christians Four Kids due to his desire to improve the quality of life of those who are less fortunate than us. “I believe that we, who have so much, have an obligation to help those less fortunate, both locally and globally.”  “If I can make a lasting change in the life of just one child by devoting time and effort to this cause I will worth every minute spent."

Stephanie Jones
Board Member 

As a Nurse Practitioner at Quad Med Stephanie feels that Healthcare is much more than just preventing disease disability and disparity, it is about going above and beyond providing high quality care and excellent customer service. As a health provider her goal is to promote health and wellness by empowering and motivating her patients, giving them the tools necessary to maximize their quality of life

Matthew E. Pendzick 

Board Member 

Matthew is 37 years old, married with three energetic boys: Damien-13, Mikale-10 (soon to be 11) and Jackson-8. My wife, Jackie, is six months older than myself and I take every opportunity available to reminder of that fact. Regardless of her age, relative to mine, she is an amazing mother, my lovely wife and friend. We all currently live in Shorewood, WI with one cat-Costello and one dog-Hamilton.

I am currently working for a helicopter operator and MRO specialist company based out of Southern Oregon, Erickson Inc.  I work in the their field maintenance depart as an aircraft crew chief on the S64E Air-Crane.  I carry a rotational schedule that takes me away from home around the world for weeks at a time. It’s not always ideal for a family, but we have found ways to make it work.  My aircraft is currently contracted to the Hellenic Fire Department for wild land fire suppression in the Southwestern Peloponnese of Greece. Our season is steadily wrapping up.  When the contract ends my crew and I will pack the aircraft and support equipment onto a boat.  We will transition to the Southern hemisphere fire season based out of Sydney Australia.

 I have several hobbies, one of them is physical fitness and you can guess…running.  With that, calisthenics, swimming and mobility training are among my top favorites.  I have participated in Mr. Kernan’s Celebration Of Life 5k the past two years.  I’ve enjoyed taking part in such a great cause, but I am very excited to step into a new role along side everyone on the board.  

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