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Every year brings special challenges. 2019 provided a renewed hope of making a difference in the world. This past year, Caring Christians Four Kids experienced both ends of the spectrum even though we accomplished some very lofty goals we had set for ourselves. The make up of our board changed, for the betterment of the organization which is reflected in the goals that have been set for 2020. 

While our 2019 events were successful, the actions we took during the year acted as a guide to look forward to setting our agenda for 2020.

Rewarding the Elmer and Grace Schroeder Scholarship to Sophia Novotny was the climax of our year. Sophia not only was a deserving recipient but she has also become involved with our organization as an advocate to others. She will be helping us enlist volunteers for future events through her association with Martin Luther High School in Greendale, WI. We are thrilled to have her actively help us in 2020. Other organizations that Caring Christians Four Kids supported in 2019 included Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and several teachers who serve in Dominican Republic within the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. So 2019 saw us reach out to children locally and internationally, which is something that warms my heart, having seen firsthand the need of kids inside and outside our great nation. 

In the upcoming year, we are going to continue our association with Martin Luther High School. This high school has a long standing tradition of providing religious based education to students. We applaud their efforts to give children some of the same pillars we strive to provide as we look forward to working with them in this year. Additionally, we will be supporting and working with Kids Matter Inc. of Milwaukee this year to look at ways to help abused or neglected children that get caught up in the social system and lack support. You can learn more about Kids Matter by following the link found on our home page. To help benefit both the 2020 scholarship and Kid’s Matter we have planned a series of events next year that can be found on our “Events” page so watch for updates periodically. We hope to see you and your friends at any or all of those events. May 2020 be a blessing to you and yours, along with the children who are in need!