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If you want to learn about an organization’s values, most times you need look no further than the founder or president. And even though you might have to dig a little to find what their motivations are, normally, they will become visible to anyone who cares enough to look. So it is for me, founder and president of CC4K. But I can make it easy for any reader who may want to know what drives me to continue to want to help children because inquiring minds like to know that their time and donations are going to a cause that touches them as well.


I attribute much of my quest to help children to my experiences with them. Not all of the time I’ve spent with them has been giggles. In fact, God knew what I needed to be moved to action so He took me on a much different path by sending me to places where children languish in poverty and disease. For reasons I didn’t understand at the time, things that I saw stayed with me and affected me so personally, it forced me to act out of love that one can only experience when you also experience the pure gravity of children in need. Along the way, God pushed me in directions 15 years ago I would never have considered. But He was making me ready, not only to be a torchbearer for helping children but for other roles I fill today. My life goals changed after I saw the hurt on so many children’s faces who had no hope of becoming better than they were the day before. If there was a face to describe despair, it was on the faces of most of the African babies I visited, ministered too and held in my arms. Even today, when I think about them I cringe knowing their fate is sealed in the lives they lead. This fear I have for them drives me and I know I was never closer to my Lord than when I was in Africa, doing His work. But He also was preparing me for another part of my life in the meantime.


Our lives changed on November 5th, 2017 when our twin granddaughters Olivia and Cecilia were born. Like all children, they are special and extra special to those who are close to them. I believe that God delivered me to the places to see children in the worst conditions so that I would take extra care to see these two angels had the chance to be in the best of conditions. Having gone through what I have, gives me a little different perspective than most. You can’t imagine the feeling seeing them flourish while having the hauntings of children who do not. So I love them, a little extra every day and work to help the other children as much as I can so they too can have the “little extra” in their lives. That is my motivation, to see to it every child we can touch knows that kind of love.