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Thank you for visiting our sponsorship page

We thank you for taking the first step to help us reach our goal by visiting our sponsorship page. With your help we will stretch every one of your sponsorship dollars to bring memorable events to our community while helping children in need

Since our founding in August of 2014 we have accomplished much with the help of generous donor/sponsors such as you. 

In 2016 we worked with Real for Christ, an established Christian organization with similar goals in Kenya, by sponsoring the construction of a 2nd grade class room classroom on the south coast of Kenya at the Masai Corner Academy for the incoming class of 2nd graders.

In 2017 we raised the funds to help construct a K1 – K3 kindergarten building in Dzombo Kenya. Believing that the faith based educational opportunities such as this, provide early intervention in the lives of the young and bright children. This early education is critical to breaking the cycle of poverty that these children are exposed daily. These conditions make them vulnerable to vices like theft, immorality and pregnancies which results to early marriages. Unfortunately, the faith based educational programs such as a K-1 thru 3 kindergarten and the 2nd grade classroom that Caring Christians 4 Kenya has built, may be the only education these children may receive. It is however, our belief that by exposing these children to the benefits of education early on, we will establish a lifelong passion for learning both for the child and their families.

In 2018 we turned our attention to a local need and with the change in scope we changed out name to more accurately reflect our new mission. We became Caring Christians Four Kids. The new organization chose . The Herma Heart Institute of Children's Hospital Milwaukee as our first local need to support.   Proceeds from our annual 5K Run/Walk were earmarked for the physical therapy program for children who are current or past patients of the Heart Institute. We are proud to announce that our 2019 Run/Walk will once again benefit the program at the Herma Heart Institute. 

As we look forward to 2029 and beyond we are evaluating other opportunities in addition to Kids Matter Inc. to make a difference in the lives of the children of children locally, nationally and internationally  We will soon announce plans for future relief and support projects which are only possible with your generous support. 

Caring Christians Four Kids is proud to announce that we are a  federally recognized as a 501(c)3 charitable organization. As such your donations may be tax deductible.  

You can support our work by volunteering, in-kind donations, or cash donations in any amount. 

Inquires or donations may also be made by mail to:

Caring Christians For Kids
8468 South 42nd Street
Franklin, Wisconsin 53132 
Or email us at

Caring Christian's Four Kids appreciates the generosity of our donors and sponsors. Through our fundraising events we are able to grow your sponsorship dollar to help us bring health, education, sustenance and faith to children both locally and internationally. Please consider making a sponsoring donation today at one of the levels listed below. 

2020 Sponsorship Levels

Platinum $1000 or higher

Platinum sponsors will be recognized by receiving four VIP tickets to our 5th annual 5K Run/Walk and as any additional events in 2020 yet to be announced. Platinum sponsors will receive top placement on all 2020 event promotional literature, our website and signage as a "Made Possible By"  event sponsor. 


Silver level sponsors will be prominently featured on all 2020 event promotional literature, our website and signage as a major contributor.

Bronze $100 

Sponsors will be featured on the promotional literature our website and signage for one 2020 event of their choosing 

Gold: $500
Gold level sponsors will be recognized by receiving two VIP tickets to our May Paint Paint event as well as our 4th annual 5K Run/Walk. Gold Level sponsors will be prominently featured on all 2020 event promotional literature, our website and signage as a major contributor.

You may also donate on line using your charge card or Pay Pal. Click on the donate button below.

Caring Christians 4 Kenya Is Now Caring Christians Four Kids

The critical need for education, basic human life requirements and spiritual growth knows no boarders. While our hearts are still with the children of Kenya, we are branching out to serve children's needs globally. Therefore we have changed our name to Caring Christians Four Kids to more accurately reflect our mission focus of support for children's needs locally and internationally. 

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